How to choose the best tow truck service in San Antonio?

Do you need to have your car towed in San Antonio? If so, like most people, you’ll probably consult Google for the answer. You’ll pick up your phone and search “tow truck near me,” or “best towing rates.” When you perform your search for the best towing companies in San Antonio, Google will give you a page full of results of the local towing companies.   This page will include paid ads, Google business listings, directory listings, as well as organic website pages. You’ll basically get all the towing companies nearby. At least those who have made an effort online.

Did you know that your habits are being mapped?  Yes, statisticians know that 34% of the time web searchers click on the first result they see. When you do, you’re allowing Google to make the choice of what tow truck service helps you out.  Because Google’s algorithm determines which towing companies show up, essentially they’re making the choice for you.  Is this really the best way to choose a towing company for towing, gas delivery, or even battery service? We think not.

Now, just because a towing business has been around for a long time, and has jumped through all the internet hoops to get to Google’s first page, doesn’t mean that that company is a good fit for your needs. Who knows what kind of challenges they face in their organization. And, rather than getting a towing company with your best interest at heart with affordable tow truck rates, you might get one of those bait-n-switch companies. So, how can you tell what kind of service you’ll receive by just looking at a listing?

Here’s How To Choose A Tow Truck Service

How Good Do They Look Online? Check Out Their Website

  • Go to the tow truck company’s website. Is it up-to-date? Does it look inviting?
  • What you’re looking for is an insight into the organization values.
  • If all they have is pictures of their trucks and a list of the services they provide, is it really the type of business you want to touch your car?
  • Are they active in the community? Do they talk about how they treat their customer? Of course, these are just words but it’s a good way to learn what they really care about.
  • Does their website depict photos of employees? You’ll want to know who you’ll be dealing with.
  • And, does the towing company actually provide you with testimonials on their website? If you can learn how others have been treated there’s a good chance you’ll be treated similarly.

Tow Truck Services and Reviews

Go to the towing business’s Facebook page and look to see if they are regular posters. Take a look at their photos. Are there images of hot rods and beer pong outings or is it fun, family, and helping their customers?

  • Reviews and recommendations make all the difference in the world. Do they have glowing reviews or negative ones?
  • When was the last time they posted on their Facebook page? Regular posting is a sign of engagement with those who have liked their page. It also shows that the company has a proclivity to attentiveness. A good sign, should you choose them.
  • Take a look at their Google Business listing on the map. How are their reviews on Google? A large number of quality reviews means quality service.

Next Step Is Just Getting On The Phone

  • Tell them that you’re looking around for a quality towing company to provide you and your family towing and roadside service solutions when the need arises.
  • Ask pointed questions about reviews you may have read online, good and bad. What is their reaction to this line of questioning? Are they taken aback, or are they fortright with answers to your questions?
  • Ask about their pricing structure and how they determine their rates? Are they happy to provide you with their rates?

Choosing a Tow Truck Service Is Easy

Chacon Towing isn’t the oldest towing company in the San Antonio area, but we don’t believe that longevity is synonymous with quality. Choosing a towing truck service to help you and your family is easy, trust the family run business of Chacon Towing. We provide quality, 24-hour towing services and roadside assistance to the motorists and residents of San Antonio, Texas.