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If you’re a resident of San Antonio, Texas you know how hot it can get here in the Summer. Just the thought of experiencing car breakdown issues can be dreadful if you’re caught out in the Texas afternoon sun. At Chacon Towing, our top priority is the safety of the motorists and residents who travel through our area. That’s why we suggest that you have your vehicle serviced regularly by a competent repair shop. Have them check the cooling system, charging system, tires and brakes, as these are the most common car problems our customers experience out on the San Antonio roadways.

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One other suggestion we’d like to hit home with you is that you should always plan ahead. Regardless of how diligent you are with your ongoing maintenance and car repair regime, things can still go wrong. One minute you’re motoring down the freeway listening to your favorite song, the next, your car’s bucking like a wild bronco. To ease the chaos that will inevitably inhabit your head at these times, we suggest that you have a go-to company for towing San Antonio. So, go ahead and do this right now. Pull out your smartphone and create another contact. Call it “Towing” and put in our number. 210-405-1720.

When you call for towing service or roadside assistance our dispatch team will send out a competent tow truck operator. We’ll arrive in no time and solve whatever roadside issues you have. Whether you need a tire change, a damage-free lockout service, or more, we are the most reliable and trustworthy towing company here in the San Antonio area. But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our existing clientele have to say. They not only say great things about us but they also tell their friends and family. That’s why the majority of our new customers comes via word-of-mouth from our old customers.

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One of the greatest opportunities we experience is when we get to talk to school children about our service to the community of San Antonio, Texas.

When thinking about towing companies, many people perceive the work that we do in a harsh light. Due to the fact that there are some bad actors in the towing industry, which is a reality in every industry really, many don’t understand the great service that towing companies provide. But, speaking with school children and explaining how we help people at one of the worst times in their lives, gives us hope for the future. Their wide-eyes gaze in wonder as our truck lifts a vehicle from the ground with ease.

We truly want to provide service to our community and conducting this outreach is one way of getting the word out about the work we love.

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