Heavy Duty Towing San Antonio

There are not many towing companies in San Antonio that can tow your heavy duty truck. So, before you call just any towing company that may or may not have the ability or trained tow truck operator to tow your money-making rig, call a full service towing company with the right truck to do the job.

Chacon Towing is a full service towing company that’s available to tow your semi truck, fully loaded tractor trailer, bus, and even a tow service to tow your dump truck. And because your rig may need to be on the road early morning late at night, you call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Commercial Heavy Duty Towing

Do you manage or own a fleet of trucks in Shavano Park that need to be on the move to service your customers? Because those trucks are on the move, sometimes breakdowns or incidents require a heavy duty commercial towing company. Whether you have a fleet of truck-based in San Antonio or a freight hauler that provides hauling services all over the united states and you need help in San Antonio, Chacon Towing is ready and willing to give you hand.

Has your driver gotten your truck high center delivery goods? Or did slamming on your brakes shift your load, pushing it into your sleeper? No matter your heavy duty situation, Chacon Towing will be there quickly and solve your problem professionally with a certified tow truck operator who knows how to think out of the box. So, if you need fast and affordable truck transport services, give Chacon Heavy Duty Towing a call.

Whether you have a fleet of trucks or are a single semi-truck operator, Chacon Towing has you covered. We provide semi truck towing, heavy duty accident recovery services, as well as lifting services of all kinds. Chacon Towing is your Heavy Duty Towing Company in the San Antonio area.

Heavy Duty Towing San Antonio

Heavy Duty Towing

When you need a tow truck for a larger truck or semi-truck, Chacon Towing is available to assist. We provide towing and accident recovery for dump trucks, box tractor-trailers, and any other heavy-duty truck on the roadways in the San Antonio area.

Heavy Duty Towing San Antonio

Medium Duty Towing

From an F-650 flatbed truck to a box truck, cargo van, and any medium duty size vehicle, including towing a motorhome, Chacon Towing is available to help you when you need us in San Antonio, whether you need short distance tow or a long distance tow.

Heavy Duty Towing San Antonio

Flatbed Towing

Do you need your SUV, motorcycle, all wheel drive, or four wheel drive vehicle towed? Maybe you have construction equipment you need to be moved from one job site to another. With our flatbed tow truck, we can safely tow and transport your vehicle or equipment.

Semi-Truck Towing & Accident Recovery

Most people never have a second thought about how our goods make it to our retail stores, whether it’s a grocery store to any location that depends on goods and materials to do business. These “semi-trucks’ are highly important to our everyday lives, and just like any other vehicle, they are not immune to a roadside breakdown or an accident. But, unlike standard passenger vehicles, they need a heavy duty wrecker to tow them.

When your truck and driver have been in an accident carrying a load, it’s important to call a towing company with the human resources, and the right equipment, to upright your tractor and trailer and secure your load. When you call us, you will be getting more than just a towing company. You will get a spider web of resources that will be on the job fast. Our speed is one of our main advantages over our competitors. We will work full tilt to safely, quickly, and professionally clear the roadway for the safety of your driver and other motorists.

Heavy Duty Truck Towing San Antonio

A heavy duty truck that weighs between 26,000 pounds to 33,000 pounds is considered a class 7 without a load. Class 8 heavy duty truck weighs 33,000 pounds with typically three or more axels.

Towing one of these heavy duty trucks loaded shouldn’t be left to an untrained tow truck operator. For the safety of your truck and motorists on the roadway, our tow truck operators are wreckmaster certified. But, we all know training isn’t all that’s need when it comes to executing a hook-up and towing your heavy duty vehicle, or providing safe and secure heavy equipment transport services. It also requires knowledge and experience to get your heavy duty truck off the roadway quickly. Chacon Towing is fully insured above what the state of Texas requires and has all the certification need to tow your truck. Therefore you can rest easy knowing you are fully covered if an incident should arrive while your truck is in transport.