Long Distance Towing San Antonio

Chacon’s Offers  Towing Service is the one to call.

Looking for a Long Distance Towing Company?

Chacon Towing is a towing company that can meet your needs when you need us. We are available 6 days per week, even on Saturdays. We are here no matter what time you need our help. We are a family-owned business and a trusted resource in assisting you and your family roadside. Whether you are just passing through the San Antonio area or live here, we treat each and every person like family. With our, fast and affordable towing, finest towing equipment and skilled operators towing, you and your vehicle will be well taken care of. Did you know that with our long-distance towing service, we are your fastest way home?

Unfortunately, problems on the road can happen at any time. Being far away from home makes the situation even worse. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, we can get you picked up, and off the road as fast as humanly possible. We can tow your vehicle anywhere you need it towed. Even if you need it towed 250 miles, or more. You can depend on us here at Chacon Towing for all your local towing and long-distance transport needs.


SUVs and all-wheel drive vehicles
Vehicles from an accident
Vehicles missing a wheel
High performance vehicle towing
Classic vehicles
Exotic Vehicles
Forklifts and Equipment transport


You can call us anytime for a pick-up or schedule an appointment for service. Whatever you need at that time.

Why Choose Chacon Towing for your towing needs?

Imagine you’re driving on the highway, and you hear a screeching sound coming from your engine. You think, “Oh now…not now.”  You have an important meeting to attend in San Antonio, and your boss really needs you there.  Luckily, you’re only a few miles away, so you limp your car into the parking lot.  After the meeting, your vehicle won’t start. The problem is magnified because you drove in from Houston, and your mechanic is there as well. Now you need a dependable towing company to get you and your vehicle home.  This is precisely where Chacon towing comes in. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive, just give us a call, and we’ll take care of everything!

Our employees are highly trained tow truck operators. We have the very best equipment that we keep in the best working order for our employees to provide you with the best services around. And you can be assured your vehicle will reach its destination damage-free. Because our operators use a multi-point inspection system for every vehicle we tow.

We have safely towed thousands of vehicles in the San Antonio area, and we can tow yours too. Depend on Chacon Towing for all your towing needs. We provide fast and affordable Live Oak cheap towing truck services.