Car Towing Tips San Antonio

With the extremes of weather that we experience in the San Antonio area, like it or not, you may experience car problems. And, sometimes car problems mean that your vehicle is unable to move on its own power.

When your car or truck is not working you will be in need of vehicle towing. To help you make the right choice when your car isn’t running right, we’ve put together a list of answers to your most commonly asked questions.

Can car towing damage the transmission?

One question we receive a lot is can towing my car damage the transmission? The answer to this question depends upon how your vehicle is towed. When choosing which towing service to use, you should know that not all towing companies are the same.  Because of this, the answer to your question can be difficult to answer.

If your car is a front wheel drive and the tow truck operator uses a wrecker and picks up the vehicle by the rear wheels, there’s a good chance that damage to the drive train will occur. However, if the tow truck driver were to load the vehicle from the front, thereby lifting the drive wheels from the surface of the road, then no damage would occur. Whether you’re car needs towed across town or towed to another state, it’s important that it’s towed properly.

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How car towing works.

If your car is a two-wheel drive it can be towed by lifting the drive tires off the road during transport. On the other hand, if your vehicle is a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, then the ideal towing option should be a flatbed tow truck.  

Does towing damage an automatic car in park?

Towing a car while the transmission is in park does not cause damage to the vehicle unless the drive wheels are allowed to remain on the road during transport.  

When using a wrecker equipped with a wheel-lift, the proper way of towing a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive car is to lift the drive wheels off the ground. In an instance like this, it is best to have your car in park.  

When towing your vehicle using a flatbed tow truck, it is secured using a 4-point tie-down method. Having your car in park at this point will not cause any damage, as the vehicle is prohibited from moving. So, when you need auto towing San Antonio, count on Chacon Towing for all your vehicle transport needs.

Why do towing companies charge so much?

Due to the fact that people value their time differently, determining whether or not the charge for towing was too much can be subjective. Towing companies, just like any business, are burdened by expenses including insurance expense, licensing & regulations, and payroll. And when you add in fuel and needed vehicle repairs and the maintenance required, towing company margins are not as high as you might suspect.

Chacon Towing has been providing towing to the residents of San Antonio for more than 6 years and has become the respected go-to choice for quality towing and roadside assistance 24 hours every day.  We pride ourselves on affordable towing and roadside solutions.

How does a tow truck driver get into my locked car?

If you’ve inadvertently locked your keys in your car, obviously you’re going to need to get them out. If you’re wondering how a tow truck driver gets into your car, then we have the answer right here.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, you’ll want to ensure that the towing company knows how to get your keys out without causing damage.  If done improperly, unlocking your car without the keys has the potential of damaging both the paint and interior of your car.

We suggest you hire a reputable towing company when needing your vehicle unlocked. Our tow truck operators are trained in the proper procedures required to unlock almost any vehicle that’s out there. And, if we can’t unlock your car, rather than try and cause damage, we’ll let you know before we come out. 

To unlock your car, we use a wide range of unlocking tools made specifically for your car. In many instances, we use a long tool, a power-wedge, and an air-bag to create a thin gap between your door and the door’s frame. We then use the long tool and unlock your car through the unlock button on the door or some other method.  All methods of unlocking your vehicle are dependent on the type of vehicle you drive.

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