Equipment Towing San Antonio

Chacon’s Provides Equipment Towing and Transport!

The day just got started and already you need to have a scissor lift transported to job-site A and a skid-steer taken to job-site B. You only have one trailer and you’ve got to meet a potential customer to go over a bid. What do you do when you need all of this done at the same time? You could tap into one of your employees, but that would mean the job they were supposed to be doing won’t get done on time. You could reschedule with your new customer, but what if they bale on you and go another route, like choosing to use a competitor? Don’t despair, we have a solution to your equipment towing and transport needs because…


Our flatbed tow truck service or rollbacks, make it easy and economical to move most of your construction equipment from job-site to job-site, and then back to your shop. Our equipment hauling services include, appointment scheduling, hauling sheds, towing lawn tractors, forklift towing, transport of miscellaneous equipment, rental equipment pickup, transport, and drop off.  Get your work done faster, save time and money, and avoid those awkward moments when a customer decides to go a different route by calling on Chacon Towing to take care of all your equipment hauling needs.




Because doing it yourself is hard!!!

Let’s say you’re moving a trencher from the shop to a job-site, to do so you must first get the truck, ensure that the right size ball is in the hitch, and then back up to the trailer and hook it up.  Then to transport equipment legally, you must hook up the lights and make sure they’re all in good working order, don’t forget the brake lights.  After you’ve done all that, you must then get out the ramps and fire up the trencher and get it into position so the trailer rides smooth. Then you’ve got to…

Are you tired yet?

Yeah Transporting your own equipment is hard, and it’s a lot of work, so just say no. Let us do it for you.

Rollback Equipment Transport Is A Breeze

Transporting equipment with a rollback is a breeze. All we do is back up to your forklift, skid-steer, trencher, or whatever, and tilt the bed. Rollbacks are amazing, the bed comes directly in contact with the road at an easy breezy angle. We then attach a winch cable to your equipment, take it out of gear and carefully pull it up on top of the bed. We then carefully secure your equipment to the bed to ensure safe transport, and once we arrive, we just reverse the process, placing your lawn tractor, or whatever we’re towing, exactly where you want it. You’ve got to admit that, with our flatbed tow trucks, we are equipment towing specialists.

Heavy Truck Towing San Antonio

If you drive a heavy duty truck such as a dump truck, concrete truck, box truck or tractor trailer, you understand the importance of maintaining your truck. Having a big rig that’s got major engine issues can really eat into your bottom line because, as you know when your truck’s down, you ain’t making any money. But, I would rather turn on a big bulb of sunshine in your imagination than sour your day with negative sentiment, so I’ll just want to let you know that Chacon Towing now has the ability to tow and recover big trucks. You heard that right. We’re in the heavy duty towing business now baby. So, when you feel stuck, or are actually stuck in the mud, or heaven forbid snow, give your friends in the heavy truck towing business a call. Chacon big truck towing is always available to assist.