Flatbed Towing

Chacon’s Offers Flatbed Towing Service 24 Hours a Day!


The truck’s empty flatbed is designed to roll back on an angle, effortlessly providing the vehicle with the ability to use its power to drive directly onto the bed or to be winched up. This allows for the car to be lifted entirely off the ground while avoiding any wear or tear that may occur with other towing companies. After the vehicle has been loaded, the bed will lower back to its resting position—horizontal to ground level. The car is then secured and is ready to be towed to its desired destination.

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With an ability to hoist a vehicle entirely off of the ground onto the truck bed, flatbed tow trucks are ideal for circumstances where utilizing other means of flatbed towing are either not possible due to the current state of the vehicle, or the vehicle’s model and fragile nature of its characteristics. These tows are commonly directed toward classic, exotic or all-wheel drive vehicles, as well as motorcycles, cars with very low ground clearance, and auto-accident cars that are significantly damaged.


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Why Choose Chacon Towing?

You’re driving on the highway near Shavano Park when the person in front of you slams on their brakes. When you feel like you’re stuck with nowhere to go, you have three choices: crash your car into the barrier to the left of you; swerve your vehicle into the right lane, putting you at risk of being t-boned by another car; or rear-end the car in front of you.

You chose the latter.

Once the damage was done, the facts began to arise. The car causing the accident popped a tire on the highway, creating a four-car crash on one of the busiest interstates around.

Thankfully, one of the drivers contacted Chacon, a towing company that they have used before, and Chacon was on the way with one of the most flexible and efficient state-of-the-art towing trucks available. 

The reason is clear, choose Chacon Towing because we’ve been helping motorists in the San Antonio area with their car and truck towing needs for more than half a decade. We’re not the biggest towing company around, Yet, but we guarantee that no one else can rival us when it comes to the services we provide. Choose Chacon Towing.